Animals Communicate Telepathically, using a mind to mind connection.
Animal Communication helps to develop a bridge of communication between you and your animal companions. 
Preparing for your consultation:
You may want to have some questions prepared before your appointment but very often your pet already knows the issue that you want to speak with them about.  I will ask you to descibe your pet to me physically - name, age, and what they look like.  I prefer you not share personallity traits as these will confirm that I have connected to the being you wish me to communicate with. 
Like people, all beings communicate differently, some are outgoing and some are shy. All of your animals may want to chime in, but thats ok, we all want to be heard!
Consultations usually run between 15 to 30 minutes.
The length depends on the number of animals you wish for me to connect with and the severity of the issue(s).  
People call me for a variety of reasons:
* Health and emotional issues
* Helping you and your pet cope with transiton and loss
Connecting to an animal friend who has passed on
* Lost animals
*Training issues or just to check-in!
* Bring home a new pet